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Finally, a website that allows neighbors to share amongst each other by sharing owned items.  Lawnmowers, Pressure Washers, and other home items available to use, eliminating the need of buying an item for a short time use.  Televisions, lawn chairs, DVD players, Speakers, tables, and more can be shared instead of spending big money to purchase.  Another idea would be to get everyone together, pitch in, and buy big items, such as Moonwalks, and other birthday items!
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Top 20 Wealthiest Neighborhoods in America
Holmby Hills-Los Angeles Country Club
Buell Mansion-Cherry Hills Park
Round Hill-North Greenwich
St. Louis Country Club
Indian Hill Club-Woodley Road
Jupiter Island
North Beverly Hills-Peavine Canyon
Burning Tree Country Club
Midtown Manhattan
Belle Harbor
Rumson Country Club
Stanwich-Conyers Farm
Everglades Golf Club 
The Highlands
Fisher Island
Woodhill Country Club 
Murray Hill-Heathcote
Cherry Hills Country Club
Volk Estates